Gold “Tournament” Series

$42.99 - $89.99


The “Gold Standard” Series sets the bar for quality, heavy duty, long lasting nets.

The “Gold Standard” Series was designed by tournament anglers with year-after-year, daily abuse in mind.  There is no reason why a net built with these demands in mind need to cost $100.00 plus dollars.  These nets are made to withstand the demands of both fresh and salt water alike, and handle big game fish.  If you want the best, without paying an arm and a leg let the “Gold Standard Series” put fish in your boat day after day.

All of the “Gold Standard” net handles are constructed from 1 1/8″ octagonal aluminum tubing for supreme strength, while also ensuring “Sure Snap” extension alignment on telescoping models.  The handles are anodized in a bright gold finish and fitted with a black rubber hand grip.  The “Gold Standard” net hoops are formed from thick 5/8″ black anodized tubing.  The hoops are then outfitted with black “hook proof” rubber coated net bags.  The hoop and net are then outfitted with a black aluminum yoke to provide unparalleled strength, while also ensuring that the “Sure Snap” button properly aligns with the handle every time.  The yoke also allows for the handle to easy detach from the net for easy storage, and on some models, stowaway into the hoop frame itself.  The all black hoop, bag and yoke provide a finish that won’t spook fish, and the gold handle provides the finishing look that only the “Gold Standard” can provide.


**Please note that the 75″ – 110″ – 141″ Telescoping handle is black, and not gold.

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