Trout & Stream Nets

$19.99 - $69.99


Trout and Stream Nets are designed with the river fishermen in mind.  All of our trout nets come equiped with lanyard cords and clips to help keep the nets at hand for when it is time to land a fish.

Economy Trout and Stream Nets

Built from durable 1″ diamond embossed aluminum handles and hoops.  These nets feature blue polyester nets.

“Netgaurd” Trout and Stream Nets

These nets feature black poweder coated aluminum handles and hoop material, and include a black cushioned grip.  The micro-nylon netting is fed through the inner channel of the hoop which helps to reduce wear and ripping.

Wooden Frame Trout and Stream Nets

The beauty of wood makes these nets a sure winner to the discrimnating fisherman with tradition in mind.  Each features an imported, laminated wooden frame, along with either black nylon netting, or hook proof, fish-safe rubber netting.  For river fisherman using a boat, the long handle of the “Boat Nets” allows you to reach the fish with ease from a longer distance.

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